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We are a group of flight simulation enthusiasts who fly Air Asia and its airlines groups using desktop based flight simulator software, including Ms FS 2004, FSX (including Steam Edition), LM Prepar3d, and Laminar Research X-Plane.

With common fleets of A320 and A330, Air Asia Virtual offers the simplicity operation of the Low Cost Airlines, while maintaining the level of realism within its operation spanning from Southern to Northern Area of East Asia. With it's unique destinations, Airasia Virtual will take your virtually everywhere.



Pilotes 28
Avions dans la flotte 22
Lignes 174
Nombre total d'heures : 124.89
Nombre total de vols 103
Nombre total de vols réguliers 93
Nombre total de vols charters 10
% de vols réguliers 90.29 %


IDPiloteDépartArrivéeDateTemps de vol
AAV9905Wiswara Partama  WIII  WARR 28-09-2018 1.00
AAV9917Ghino Luqyano  WMKP  WIII 21-09-2018 2.22
AAV9917Ghino Luqyano  WIII  WMKP 20-09-2018 1.96
AAV9905Wiswara Partama  WARR  WADD 19-09-2018 0.71
AAV9917Ghino Luqyano  WMKJ  WIII 18-09-2018 1.37


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AAV-Beta Pilot20-01-2018
Download Access01-05-2018

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