NOTAM NameAAV-Beta Pilot
NOTAM Creation Date2018-01-21
NOTAM Publish Date2018-01-20

Air Asia Virtual now accepting limited registration as Beta Tester Pilot. The policy of the acceptance is based on solely on internal decision, that can not be questioned by anyone.

As a Beta Tester Pilot, AirAsia Virtual required you to do such tasks :

  1. File a completed flight using SimAcars and online in IVAO Network, minimum 1 flight per week, started from the acceptance day.
  2. Browse and experience the feature of the website, and send a written report for any bugs you find to the
  3. The Beta Test Duration is not to be share publicly, we are ready when we are ready.
  4. No question about this requirement. Do it, or leave it. Don't waste your time asking.
  5. Fail to fulfill these requirement, will make your account suspended without notice.

You can download SimAcars here.
Airasia Virtual will not accept flights not done in SimAcars.

Also, i would like to thank you in advance for being the Beta Tester Pilot.



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