Membership Terms & Conditions

A. General Usage

  1. Airasia Virtual is a simulation of the real airline operations in terms of flying, based on the usage of the PC Based Flight Simulator software.
  2. All features & services provided by Airasia Virtual is free of charge, provided the acceptance of these Terms & Conditions upon registration.
  3. Airasia Virtual reserve the rights to change and update these terms and conditions. Members will be notified for this.
  4. Although online flight simulation is not mandatory, Airasia Virtual features and services, are designed to be conducted in IVAO Network. Details on IVAO can be obtained at
  5. All simulation activities within Airasia Virtual, though it is based on real world procedures, are not intended to be use as a reference for real world operation.
  6. Airasia Virtual is not in any relation whatsoever with its real world counterpart.
  7. Airasia Virtual is not supporting any software piracy. Airasia Virtual will not be responsible for any conduct of its pilot related with software piracy.

B. Basic Membership Requirements

  1. Own a legal copy of the authorized Flight Simulator software and required add ons to fly with Airasia Virtual.
  2. Provide real name and working email upon registration. Airasia Virtual reserve the right to check the actual identity of a member
  3. Minimum age of 13 years old at the time of registration.
  4. Pilot must have basic knowledge of aviation procedures. This includes but is not limited to: flight procedures, airspaces, radio-telephony. Also having sufficient skills and knowledge of complete IFR flight using Airbus A32x and A33x.
  5. Having sufficient passion to locate any information provided in the Airasia Virtual website

C. Minimum Activity

  1. All pilot must use related and reliable aircraft add on to perform a flight in Airasia Virtual.
  2. Once registered, pilot must file 1 valid PIREP, within 14 days from the date of registration. New Pilot who fails to file 1st PIREP within 14 days, will be removed from roster and has to register again.
  3. All pilot must file a valid PIREP once in a month to remain active in the roster. This included the 1st PIREP after registration.

D. Airlines Operations

  1. All flights within Airasia Virtual must be performed with correct aircraft.
  2. Correct livery usage is highly recommended for all Airasia Virtual flights, but it is not mandatory.
  3. All flights within Airsia Virtual must be recorded using SimAcars software. Any flight recorded with other than SimAcars, will be rejected.
  4. Although it is not mandatory, Airasia Virtual highly recommend to perform the flight online in IVAO Network to enhance the simulation experience.
  5. Pilots must prepare and plan the flight carefully and efficiently and always try to avoid excessive load of fuel and inefficient route/altitude planning.
  6. When conducting IVAO online flight, pilots must comply and adhere to any rules and regulation within IVAO and IVAO Network.
  7. In the presence of the online ATC within the IVAO network, pilots must comply to any clearance and instruction.
  8. For IVAO online flight, pilot must use airline ICAO Code + Flight Number as a callsign. When the callsign is already taken by another pilot, a suffix of a letter after the callsign, such as AWQ265A.
  9. Multiple ACARS connection for any reason is prohibited. Pilot who performs this kind of violation will be banned from Airasia Virtual

E. Official Communication

  1. Official Language to communicate within Airasia Virtual in Indonesia and English.
  2. Internal Mail is the only official communication channel to reach the Airline Staffs.
  3. Member are required to write email in a pleasant manner, providing the details of the issue or request. 

F. Retirement

  1. Although Airasia Virtual have no membership duration limit, member can withdraw his/her membership and retire from the Airasia Virtual.
  2. Retirement Request must be send to the staff, and will be processed in maximum of 7 working days.
  3. Once retirement request is approved, all member’s data will be erased from the database.
  4. Pilot’s personal records could not be copied/shared.

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